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Lessandra Imus imparts an ample number of outdoor as well as in-house amenities and facilities. The list of offerings makes the property a comfortable and luxurious one. While having a long list of offerings right at your residing community you can enjoy various activities and facilities in a secure environment. 

The establishment accommodates a huge swimming pool that can be used by the residents as per their desire. During the heated summer mornings, a dip in the pool can be relaxing to the core especially when you do not even have to step out of your residing community. The pool is kept well maintained by the maintenance individuals provided by the developers. 

Lessandra Imus is jam-packed with various open spaces that are beautified by lush greenery. These open spaces are present to be used by the residents. The kids can play and spend time here with their friends while the elders can enjoy the fresh cool breeze in these open spaces. 

There is a huge basketball court as well as a well-leveled playing ground for the kids. These outdoor playing areas for kids help them to stay active and energetic. They also keep away from their handheld gadgets and invest time in practicing interesting games like basketball. Most essentially while playing within the perimeter of the residence, your kids can be easily kept an on. Plus, they can play in an environment of immense safety and security. 

While speaking of security, Lessandra Imus leaves no stone unturned. The community is secured by concrete fencing and the entrance and exit point is secured by trained security professionals. The security guards pay close attention to all the various incoming and outgoing individuals and vehicles such that security can be well-maintained. 

Lessandra Imus features a multipurpose hall for the convenience of the residents. This decently sized hall can be used by the residents to organize parties, events as well as gatherings. This saves the occupants from the harassment of roaming about all day and long in search of an ideal location to host an event. No place to host a party can be better than your own residence where you can hold all the various preparations at your own comfortable residing place.  

24 x 7 availability of clean water is another offering of Lessandra Imus such that all the daily chores can be carried out with utmost ease and comfort. Having such amazing offerings, facilities, as well as amenities right at your residing location you can lead a comfortable life without stepping out of your community. The kids can be under surveillance 24x7 in a secured environment, the elders can feel relaxed even without stepping out of home after a long day's tiring work. 

All in all, while speaking of amenities, Lessandra Imus is an ideal residential establishment for all those looking for a comfortable and affordable home.

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