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Lessandra Imus by Camella Homes is situated in the city of Imus, Tubig Road in Cavite. The beauty of the location of the property is such that it gives you a feeling of being in the admirable vintage era. The property is surrounded by lush greenery that not just beautifies the location but also keeps it pollution free and peaceful. The location is airy where a cool breeze can be experienced all throughout the day. While dwelling at Lessandra Imus you can experience peace and tranquility to the core. 

Being located in Imus Cavite's heart Lessandra Imus is an ideal location for all those who are in search of a peaceful and conveniently located residential setup. Lessandra Imus is close to various convenient essentials including shops, retail counters, transportation areas, shopping places, hospitals, clinics, healthcare centers, schools, colleges etc.

Reaching important locations like Manila and Makati is easy and convenient. These places can be reached in just a quick drive of around thirty minutes. Therefore, if you are someone who requires regular traveling to Manila or Makati then Lessandra Imus can be an ideal pick for you. Accessing major highways like Aguinaldo Highway is an eased out affair while dwelling at Lessandra Imus. You can reach this highway in just a time span of fifteen minutes by taking the Daang Hari Road. 

To deal with any medical emergency the occupants of Lessandra Imus can immediately rush to Imus Medical Center. This healthcare center is situated close to the property and can be accessed by a quick drive. This medical center is located on the Mambog Road. 

Various markets, shops, and retail counters are situated at an arm's distance from Lessandra Imus. This allows the residents to lead a convenient lifestyle. Anything or everything that is required in a day-to-day life can be easily availed by merely taking a short walk. 

While dwelling at Lessandra Imus traveling never seems an issue as there are a number of roadways located in close vicinity of the property. This connects the community to various essential locations such that the day-to-day chores of the occupants can be carried out with ease. 

Having a beautiful surrounding all around the property gives a beautiful scenic view from the windows and balconies of Lessandra Imus. The lush greenery all around makes Lessandra Imus one of a kind that is all set to leave people in mere admiration. Concludingly, Lessandra Imus is set in a location that isn't just beautiful and peaceful but also keeps the occupants in the close neighborhood of various essentials including the major locations like Manila and Makati. Therefore, invest in Lessandra Imus and lead a conveniently comfortable home.

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